The Minister of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu in his keynote address welcomed everyone to the second edition of the Nigeria Techno-Expo and stated that recent global events had shown that countries who heeded the injunctions of our creator by placing science and technology at the center of their development efforts have grown to become prosperous and powerful.

He added that Nigeria has the human resources that can help her surpass the achievements of advanced nations if we can break new frontiers that will create and nurture a better future for generations yet unborn.

“I believe that with our huge population and vast natural resources, if we remain determined and focused, we can utilize the power of science and technology to become a technological leader in Africa and hence play a leading role in the global battle against poverty, diseases and illiteracy” he said.

Dr. Onu noted that with more hands on deck, Nigeria can build a stronger family that will be united in the common pursuit of deepening the depth and broadening the reach of science, technology and innovation in our economic diversification process, especially in the fast changing world.

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