Dr. DanAzumi Mohammed Ibrahim / DG/CEO NOTAP

In this present era of globalization and liberalization in the world economy, a nation must be able to harness her ideas, inventions, innovations and creative works towards technological advancement and global competitiveness. To nurture national talents, Nigeria requires identification of her researchers and inventors; creation of an enabling environment and to initiate strategies to protect all the stakeholders and their creative works. The Federal Government of Nigeria, in recognition and appreciation of the above facts, established Federal Ministry of Science and Technology with its various parastatals and agencies to carry out such activities. The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) is one of these parastatals.
NOTAP’s Mission and statutory mandates are clearly stated on this website. Our activities include Evaluation/Registration of Technology Transfer Agreements; Promotion of Intellectual Property; Technology Advisory and Support Services; Commercialization of R& D Results; Research Industry Linkage; Maintenance of a Compendium on R&D activities in the country; Production and Publication of Industrial Project Profiles on SMEs, etc. It is my humble belief that NOTAP, through its current and future activities, backed with dedicated and efficient personnel, adequate Government support and funding, would take this country to greater heights scientifically and technologically.